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Adventuress is all about providing the best adventure trips to the UK and Europe for women and girls.  From skiing to cycling, there's something for everyone to come and experience.

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Trips on offer

Saudi Adventuress

Here you’ll find all the trips on offer to women and girls from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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UK Adventuress

Click here if you’re from the UK and would like to join an Adventuress trip.

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Familes and Groups

We can also organise bespoke trips for couples, families and groups. Whether you want a relaxing, sightseeing holiday or a fun-packed family activity holiday, we can arrange it for you. Contact us for more details.

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My Journey To Islam

Firstly, I was born ’Muslim’, in that my parents and grandparents called themselves ‘Muslim’ and we all had Muslim-sounding names.  However, we knew little about Islam and didn’t practise it at all.  The only thing we knew about was fasting in Ramadan – so, every Ramadan, we would fast.  But we didn’t know why we…

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How To Travel Responsibly

Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries and continues to grow at a staggering rate. But while this influx of travel money can breathe new life into economically struggling countries, it can also cause serious disruption for local communities and, in the worst case scenario, do more harm than good. From Barcelona to Bangkok,…

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To Be Welcomed With Joy

My parents were from Kenya and when they think back to their childhoods, it’s Kenya their minds transport them back to.  It’s a country I haven’t been to enough, but one I love and whose people I admire.  On one of my visits, I arrived in Nairobi and had to catch a domestic flight to…

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