What Is Adventuress?

Adventuress is the only tour company offering adventure tours

to the UK and Europe for Muslim women.

It’s a way to make the wild travel dreams on your bucket list come true,

while in the company of other women who understand you…and a tour guide you can trust.


Why Travel With Adventuress?

When you travel with me, you’ll experience new adventures, learn new skills, make new friends, meet locals and learn all about the culture of the places we visit.


I’m British and I have knowledge of the UK, but I’ve aIso spent 17 years living in the Middle East.  My unique background allows me to serve as a bridge between different cultures.


I’ll introduce you to different destinations, all the while respecting your cultural needs.  Halal food?  I’ve got it covered.  A place to stop and pray?  It’s sorted.  You honestly won’t have to worry about organising a thing!


These trips are a completely safe way to see the UK and Europe, and I'll also be accompanying each Adventuress trip.  What's more, I’ve personally approved all the accommodation and locations we will be visiting.  You’ll be halfway around the world having the time of your life, but I promise you’ll always be perfectly safe and well looked after.






Where Do We Go?

Are you fed up of visiting the same destinations?  Do you want to try something new and get to know local people?  On an Adventuress tour, we will go beyond that.


When I created my tours, I looked deeper to find destinations that were intriguing and different.  Instead of taking you to the most popular spots, I’ll take you off the beaten track to beautiful and unique parts of our destinations that you may never have heard of.  You’ll also get to meet local people in the communities we visit and learn about their culture and share yours with them, too.

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A walker stops and admires the view from the summit of The Old Man of Coniston in the English Lake District

Most importantly, we’ll have unforgettable adventures together.  We’ll be hiking across wild countryside, sleeping under the stars, kayaking in rivers and the sea, scaling cliffs (or abseiling down them), surfing the ocean, hang gliding over beautiful locations, and doing plenty of other activities you may not have tried before.


But the one thing all these experiences have in common is that they are heart-pumping adventures you’ll want to tell all your friends about!

Ready to get started with planning your trip?

Take a look at our tours and choose the adventure that stands out to you.  Any questions? Feel free to reach out at any time.