Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m the owner of Adventuress, which specialises in adventure holidays for women.  I’m British, but am based in Saudi Arabia, where I have lived for 17 years. You might be expecting a single, cohesive theme through my blog, but I can’t promise this!  I tend to have a mishmash of ideas running through my head all at the same time and my blog will most probably reflect this!  Primarily, this is a travel blog, but you’ll find posts on my personal reflections on life, my life as a Muslim woman, food, culture, pets (I do love my cat!)…basically, anything I want to share with you!  I hope amongst all that, you will find something that interests you and makes you want to visit again.

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Giving Up

18th October 2019


19th October 2019


26th October 2019

My First Adventure In Business

28th November 2019